Consider Pensioners For New Minimum Wage


There have been so much talks and negotiations between the government and labour over the new minimum wage.

However, l have not heard anything about whether pensions will be reviewed in line with the new minimum wage.

Pensioners are keeping their fingers crossed while waiting for the authorities to do the right thing regarding pension review.

I do not think it necessary that government should wait until pensioners have cried to high heavens before looking into their matters.

If things are properly done in this nation, a lot of sufferings could be avoided. It is sad to note that except people complain or cry out, the authorities hardly lift a finger to do the right thing at the right time.

This should not be the case. This nation has come along way and by now we should be a civilised people who do things for the progress of humanity.

This applies to a new minimum pension review.

Sambo Tommy
Ikot Abasi

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