Coronavirus and African Misinformation


I am very much alarmed at how Africans are spreading rumours about coronavirus.

You will hear some Nigerians saying that the virus cannot survive in this part of the world because of the intense heat.

But the disease is already spreading to a lot of African countries to prove them wrong.

Again, you will hear them saying that coronavirus does not affect blacks. But already Africans have been infected and some unfortunately killed by the virus.

I still wonder why Africa remains the hot-bed of rumour.

It was the same story during the Ebola virus pandemic that ravaged the West African sub-region in 2014.

The rumour, then, was that bathing with salt protects one against the virus. A man reportedly lost his life while doing so.

Africa must grow above rumour mongering if it is to fully develop.

Esther Udofia

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