I’ve Never Known An A’Ibom Man Who Understands What It Takes To Help Others Than Senator Albert

Senator Albert Is One Of The Greatest Supporters Of Governor Emmanuel

Obong Daniel Udoh (North-South Ventures) is a top business man and sagacious politician who has been very visible in the political landscape of Akwa Ibom State for over two decades. North-South as he is fondly called by his admirers is one of the notable pillars in the Senator Bassey Albert’s political structure. He speaks on the senator’s activities and other salient issues during a one hour interface with Crystal Express Editors.

There is a trending gist now on social media brought up by Hon. Eseme Eyiboh that the 2023 governorship is open to all senatorial districts. Since, the three senatorial districts have had their shots, what is your take?
Since the person championing it is not from Uyo but Eket Senatorial District, it is nothing to debate about. The decision to zone the 2023 governoship to Uyo Senatorial District was taken by the leaders and major stakeholders in the state for the sake of justice, equity and fairness. Where these virtues are absent, you cannot have peace.

The people in their wisdom took the decision so that even the weak or minority will also have a chance. Whoever is coming up against the zoning arrangement wants to reverse the gains we have made in regards to what our forebearer had stated will be the best way to move the state forward. There must always be equity, fairness, justice and peace. These virtues cannot be separated except the propagator of the non-zoning theory does not want to see the state remain in peace and unity.

It must be he is not interested in the kind of progress we are making. It is not every state that is enjoying the kind of peace we are enjoying in Akwa Ibom. We don’t want to sacrifice that on the altar of selfish people who don’t care about how our elders and men of wisdom came together to propagate the new political order and theory of what I call the theory of ‘give and take’ not because the person deserves it but for peace to reign.

Anybody that says that peace is not important, I can guarantee him that in the absence of peace, you can’t enjoy even the most favourite things you cherish. You can’t do anything for yourself once the peace around you is shattered. The only way you can enjoy anything including your sleep is to make peace with your brother, neighbours and everybody. Those who can’t do without peace should not allow trouble to come because it will unsettle everything around them. Ibibios, by sheer population, have the ability to keep power in perpetuity.

That is why the people of Itu/Ibiono Ibom Federal Constituency are pleading with our brothers in Etinan and Uyo federal constituencies to allow their brothers who are for lack of a better word weak with just two local government areas in their federal constituency to taste governorship when it returns to Uyo Senatorial District. Allowing Itu/Ibiono Ibom Federal Costituency to have a shot at the governorship will enhance peace and order not just in the constituency but the entire state and also bring in development and progress to Akwa Ibom.


A former deputy governor of the state explained in a recent interview that it is very unfair to have governorship rotate on senatorial basis but rather on the tripod of Ibibio, Oro and Annang which are the major tribes in the state. He believes that is the only way Oro can produce a governor in the state, he expressed fears that Ibibio may hijack power and rule endlessly if not implemented. Is such a fear justified?

I am throwing enlightenment on the already established theory which will also give an opportunity to Oro man. I am totally in support of all ethnic groups within the state tasting power but if we don’t uphold the theory of peace, justice, equity and fairness, an Oro man will not taste power. It is on the basis of the above mentioned theory that we can have that come to fruition.

You can count on my support for this, I am in agreement that when next power moves to Eket Senatorial Distinct, it should be the turn of Oro nation to produce the governor. I will lend my support to that with my strength. Then every segment of the state would have tasted power and there will be peace, joy and satisfaction. If we are to struggle for power on the basis of numerical strength, Ibibio will keep it forever.
In Benue State the Tivs have seized the office of the governor and only allow others like Idoma people deputy and senatorial seats. They can give others access to any political office except that of governorship. The same thing is happening in northern and central Kaduna against the Southern Kaduna people.


A section of the people are canvassing for micro zoning rather than throwing open the 2023 governorship to all when it is Uyo’s turn. What is your position?
I support it and the reason is that when power returns to Eket Senatorial District they should consider giving it to the people of Oro nation. In the same vein, I am appealing to my brothers from Uyo Senatorial Districts, my fellow Ibibios to please allow somebody from Itu/ Ibiono Federal constituency to emerge as the governor in the interest of peace and fair play. In the Bible we are told that God chose a king from the house of Jesse and incidentally David who is the youngest was the favorite and chosen one.
I believe that for the purpose of justice, equity and fairness, the people of Ibiono Ibom/Itu Federal Constituency should be given a chance.

When you talk of giving, it is divine and from God. We don’t have the strength to give or grab power and that is why we are appealing to our brothers to give us a chance and we hope for divine intervention to help them understand and see reason to allow their brothers from Itu/Ibiono Ibom Federal Constituency the opportunity to have a shot and serve in the capacity of governor of the state to give them a sense of belonging. Itu/Ibiono Ibomare special people whom God placed strategically at the boundary of the state with our neighbours. It is always good to pamper the people at the border towns and urge them to believe in the ideals of our forebears which are justice, equity and fair play for all.

Those at the border can also be convinced to move and join the other way if ill- treated. We are bordered by Abia and Cross River states. When you hear of threats of secession from some parts of the country, it is because of fear of domination by a section of the country. If the north has power, they should also allow East and West to taste it for the country to remain one indivisible entity.

In Nigeria, power should rotate from North and South to continue to unify the nation and ensure that everybody is happy. We in Uyo Senatorial District must ensure that the three federal constituencies have a sense of belonging. We must be given the opportunity to serve in the same position they have earlier had. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.


Your support and loyalty to the senator representing Uyo Senatorial District, Obong Bassey Albert, is deep and commendable. Why do you choose to champion his cause?

I am happy you asked that question. This is the first time I will open up on this issue. I have things I would have rushed to do if I have the opportunity, privilege or office to do them. I have also worked with so many people and in Bassey Albert, I have found a man who has so many things in him that are similar to the way I reason.

His conduct captures my thinking about life, humanity and disposition on the way I would have done things if I were in same positions he has occupied. So when I discovered somebody who is in a position and doing all that I would have loved to do, the only thing I would do is to give him my support to enable him do what I would have loved to do.

I love working with him because we share the same mindset. He is one of the greatest givers in Ibibio land in particular and Akwa Ibom in general. That is what I would have done if i were opportune. Secondly, he has an open door policy in which every Tom, Dick and Harry can approach him. He is a very humble man, God-fearing, kind and with a heart of gold.

A selfless man who wishes to see his fellow human being stay happy and healthy. He supports people through their challenges, even those he never knew from anywhere. Senator Albert never discriminates and can’t stand seeing anyone in difficulty. Having seen these, I have no option than to stick with him because he is doing those things I would have loved to do if I were in his shoes.

He is such a wonderful human being and I have never known of any Ibibio man whose attitude and behavior fully understand the human nature and what it takes to help them. I feel that this kind of fellow who will use his sweat to support people, mostly those from poor background to have education, shelter and food is the kind of person that should be supported. The people of Uyo Senatorial District voted for Bassey Albert and that is performing very well.

He is doing exactly what the people want him to do and he has endeared him not only to me but to the people. That is why it was not difficult for the people to give him a second term mandate. It was unanimous the entire leaders stakeholders and people of Uyo senatorial district came together without any contention or disagreement in a meeting presided over by his Excellency Idongesit Nkanga and other leaders and decided that since our son has done so well, he needed full support to continue the good works.

He is a promise keeper, he has performed beyond my expectations. If you have a child who is brilliant in school you can stake anything to see him through the school. I am supporting Obong Bassey Albert because he is giving us results. This is the first time we have a senator who has done much more than what we demanded from him. If the Federal Government of Nigeria celebrates him, how much more the people of Uyo Senatorial District whom he represents?

The Federal Government set aside a day for the first time ever to celebrate a single fellow for the extraordinary thing he did for the country. He successfully negotiated and brought in over $6 billion to the treasury of the Federal Government, nobody has ever done that and the Federal Government, even against party affiliations, honoured and celebrated him. We will keep celebrating him because of his extraordinary performance in the Senate. When the list of airports to be re-opened after Covid-19 came out without Akwa Ibom International Airport, he stood against it and spoke up against it.

He was in the state recently with the group managing director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for a very urgent and important state function; one which only could be allowed under this pandemic period and I believe his mission will be beneficial to Akwa Ibom State. At the resumption of the 8th Senate, he was one of first to sponsor a major bill which went through accelerated reading, passed and got assented to by the President. So he is an extraordinary person. He is not controversial and he is also scandal-free, never got involved in any untoward act. We are very happy for him and we will continue to support him to succeed.


Could this support mean recent calls by his supporters to contest 2023 election for governorship?

The people have a right to decide what they want for themselves. The field is open. People from Uyo Senatorial District who feel they have what it takes to rule the state are free and have the right to present themselves while the people make up their minds on whom they want and who can best serve them. I believe that Albert is not new to politics at that level. He has proved to be a good loyal party man.

He served as commissioner for seven and a half year; was in the Senate in the first term and presently serving the second term. He is a good team player and works closely with the Senate leadership. If the people feel that the man has done well and will do much better if he serves them in that capacity, then I will leave them to take their position. Obong Bassey Albert however is yet to openly make any declaration in that regard. When the time comes, I believe that he will say something. Nobody will abandon a child who is doing extremely well in school. If he has done well for the people they are the ones to talk and in the fullness of time Albert himself will speak on the matter.


He has served the state in different capacities. Now, what are the outstanding things you like about him?

I love his generosity, philanthropy, belief and commitment to his people and his ability to spread the milk of human kindness irrespective of where you come from. These are what have endeared him to me. Senator Albert has not allowed office or social status to affect his sense of empathy for his people. He is still very free with those he met before his present elevations.

He loves them and they love him. Such an extraordinary and intelligent person with the welfare of people always topmost in his heart. A philanthropist that goes round doing good to all sorts of people; those with health issues, those who want to marry, name it.

He stands in the gap. That man Senator Albert is ever ready to share people’s burden, support, assist and he is full of sympathy. He believes so much in helping and giving to the people as there is so much joy associated with it. Such people can never lack and Obong Bassey Albert will never lack. He is an extraordinary person who spends millions on scholarship in different fields for students he knows nothing about.

Testimonies from his constituents goes to He started with his immediate constituency but now he has taken it beyond his senatorial district to the entire state.

He believes in education. An educated child has capacity to change the fortunes of his family and even his community. So the greatest gift any parent can give to the children is education and Bassey Albert knows that. I am so much excited about him because beyond all his gifts to people which cut across houses, cars and money, he recognizes that education is the greatest of all the gifts. That is why anytime he is billed to come; hundreds of thousands of youths will hop to the airport to welcome him even if he comes every week.

This is a man who people can come to his house at anytime, have good meal and still have a token for transport back home. He believes in humanity and welfare of everybody. He deserves the best from us through prayers mostly. I have personally heard testimonies of his work of human kindness, I have been accosted by people he has blessed and who urged me to help thank him for his generosity.


When Akpabio who made him commissioner left PDP, he was expected to pivot too but he stuck to Governor Emmanuel. Some see him as a courageous person while others said he betrayed his boss. Did he?

He is a very rational and reasonable person. He is a peaceable fellow. Albert was doing well in his campaign when the people insisted the governorship should go to Eket Senatorial District. He had no option and stepped aside and allowed his brothers in Eket to produce a governor. He brought his resources and structures and supported the governor to succeed.

Outside Senator Akpabio in 2015, Albert was the next important personality to have provided everything at his disposition to see to the success of that project in 2015. He believes in justice and equity which informed his stepping aside for the incumbent governor when majority opinion tilted to his favour coming from Eket Senatorial District. In 2019, not minding all the harassment and temptations, he maintained his integrity and the position of the people of Uyo Senatorial District.

He refused to betray Uyo people and ensured he entrenched their interest. When the issue was raging, he returned to the people, sought their position. After presenting his position which the people adopted that Uyo will not be traded for peanuts, they rallied and gave massive support to Governor Emmanuel to succeed a second time. As chairman, Akwa Ibom Caucus in the National Assembly, he has ensured that there is no Abuja faction. He has rallied his colleagues to support and has never worked against the governor in any circumstance.

He has never spoken against the governor and has always galvanized the people to support the governor. During the campaigns he made it clear that the success of the governor is paramount and that it is only when the governor succeeds that they have succeeded. He was never selfish with his ambition. He championed the cause of the governor throughout the campaign and that support played a significant role for the success of the governor for a second term. He is totally in support of the success of Governor Emmanuel’s second term.

Forget the rumours of friction here and there, the governor and Senator Bassey Albert are on the same page. He is one of the biggest supporters of the incumbent administration in the state.

I want also to commend the governor for maintaining peace and security and for keeping his promise of industrialization. We will continue to support him and ensure he continues to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people. He is doing well and Senator Albert is also keeping his promise to support the governor to the end.

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