Nigerians Are Abusing Social Media


Although communication, interaction & socialization have been made easier by the introduction of the social  media, Nigerians seem to have taken the lead to use it to the detriment of decorum.

In fact, I can make bold to say that Nigerians have become the most abusive people in the world on social space. If you doubt me, go and check out how much insults they trade while reacting to issues.

Now a lot of people are using the social media to destroy, create ethnic divide, religious intolerance, heat up the polity and promote nihilism.

I believe the founders of social media must now have regretted why they introduced it to Nigerians.

While we claim that it is in our tradition to respect elders, be courteous and polite, the social media have been used to bastardise all our values. I’m seriously considering withdrawing from use of social media or limiting my use.

Ekom Ekong,

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