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His Royal Majesty, Edidem Raymond Timothy Inyang is the paramount ruler of Onna Local Government Area; a versatile and charismatic ruler who is desirous of the progress of his domain and his people. He speaks on the late Elder Gabriel Emmanuel Nkanang, the cordial relationship between paramount rulers and Governor Udom Emmanuel and the proactive leadership of Oku Ibom Ibibio, Nteyin Solomon Etuk among other salient issues. Excerpts.

You have lost one of your kinsmen, a community leader and a father of the governor. What is the mood of your people at present?

I will personally miss his wise counsel and advice at this time I am on the throne as the paramount ruler of Onna Local Government Area. Elder Gabriel Emmanuel Nkanang was a very God-fearing and knowledgeable son of the local government in general and Awa Iman in particular. He was a teacher of all and we knew him as such. My father used to call him teacher Nkanang or teacher Emmanuel. He was also a great teacher who freely advised the people including the traditional institution. At a time he was invited to be the village head but he turned down the offer because of his commitment in the Qua Iboe Church. At that time also being a village head was more than just leadership. You were supposed to know beyond the ordinary. But the acceptance of Christianity has led to the saint to be committed to church and rendered meritorious services to the church.

However I hope that Governor Udom Emmanuel will come and take the position of village head when he retires. Elder Nkanang was also a preacher and good Christian and took time to train his children. Today you can see the result in the lives of his children who are all doing well in the society. They were not rich but very contented and well behaved. There is no record of his children insulting or having issues with anybody. Though Elder Nkanang was not famous, he has become famous in death for begetting a governor. Therefore one can be famous for what they do or be famous for what their children do. Today he will be celebrated for being the father of the governor who not only transformed Awa Iman community but the entire state. Even in death Elder Nkanang brought tremendous good and benefits to the community.

How has his death brought good to your community?

Do you know how many people that have come to this community, since the announcement of his death? This community has become a tourist attraction. So many things we never saw before are home with us, with the now commissioned Ekim Substation, light is here for 24 hours. Therefore his death, no doubt, has brought blessings to the community. There are now street lights everywhere too. I guess his passage quickened the provision of these amenities.

How is the community planning to celebrate him and his virtues?

The governor has already done so much with the provisions of basic things required for the celebrations of his father’s worthy life on earth. People are sowing clothes and the atmosphere is charged with joy. There is no negative incidence. The community is ready to offer assistance to see to the success of the ceremony. We are happy that even in death he still remains a blessing to the community. Look at our roads, they are wearing new looks. Our community will never be the same not because he died but there were unusual celebrations. So far the community has witnessed influx of people from all over the world. The Onna traditional rulers have also paid condolence visit to the family to pay the last respect to the departed and condole with the family.

This is the second governor from your community. Is there anything about Awa in Onna beyond human comprehension?

It is a strange coincidence. We have been lucky those we sent to school are representing us well. It is nothing special and don’t go into the politics of it. It is timing and we are just favoured. The governor at present has done very well with so many industries to engage our youths. The airline and the deep seaport would have impacted Akwa Ibom in the air, on water and land. Look at the beautiful roads across the state and other major projects executed to help better the lives of our people.

How has it been relationship wise between the governor and paramount rulers in the state?

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The relationship is mutually respectful. He will leave a legacy of revamping and respecting the traditional institution. He has total regards for us and respects our opinions. His appointment of Oku Ibom as Chairman of Council of Chiefs is a very wise decision which has further cemented the bond of unity among us. Ifim Ibom was fragile but has been galvanised by the Oku Ibom. The emergence of Oku Ibom as chairman further brought all and sundry under his rulership. There is real unity among the traditional institutions in the state. We also respect and pray frequently. I am happy to tell you that the peace witnessed all over the state has also touched the traditional institution in a very unique way

How would you describe the reign of Oku Ibom one year after?

Very strong, consultative and absolutely giving to consulting others. He hardly takes decisions alone and he has invested in the institution. He has been a brother’s keeper. He uses his personal money to run the affairs of the chiefs.

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