Senator Bassey Albert’s 5th year of Democratic dividends

By Esther Eberefiak



It is a known truism that “an individual can only become an asset to humanity when he takes into account the values and issues of others and all of the society”.

The Senator representing Akwa Ibom North East (Uyo) Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Senator Bassey Albert Akpan, popularly called OBA doesn’t only fit into this aphorism but has through his sterling performances, stood out as one of Nigeria’s greatest asset from the South-South Region.

Senator Bassey Albert epitomizes a good example of individuals that the great American human rights crusader, Martin Luther King (Jnr.) acknowledged to have risen above their individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.

This assertion can be justified in his contributions to the total wellbeing of Uyo Senatorial District, Akwa Ibom State nay Nigeria, especially in the Senate. Going by his worth, content and input to the society, it is not out of place for one to say he has engraved his name in the encyclopedia of outstanding legislators the State has ever produced.

What is counting greatly for the Distinguished Senator is his abiding faith in God as a devout Christian and his rich professional background as an economist, banker and financial expert.

Before answering the call to serve the Government of Akwa Ibom Statein the State Executive Council as Commissioner for Finance for over seven years from 2007, OBA had a blossoming career in the banking industry and had risen to the enviable position of Vice President, First City Monument Bank(FCMB).

What is more, the people of Uyo Senatorial District therefore found him as an asset to be entrusted the senate seat in 2015 and 2019 respectively under the platform of the Peoples of Democratic Party (PDP).

In his past five years of effective representation in the 8th and 9th Senate, Senator Bassey Albert has not only walked the talk of his electioneering campaign promises in delivering democratic dividends to the people, the Senate Committee Chairman on Petroleum Resources Upstream, has performed beyond expectations in the red chambers.

From being vocal on issues affecting the polity and activism in legislative matters, he has sponsored and co-sponsored bills, motions, and taken parliamentary positions that has strengthened and sustained a truly democratic and transparent polity founded on strict compliance with the constitution.

One cannot forget in a hurry his moves towards enhancing Energy Security for Nigeria. The painstaking roles he played in the reviewing of the implementation of Joint Venture Cash Call obligations that was entered into by the Federal Government through NNPC. His selfless efforts in the aforementioned struggle which had led to investments in the country’s oil and gas picking up, following renewed commitments by joint venture partners – the NNPC and the IOCs – to honour their cash call obligations.

Worthy to recall is his practical approach in resolving the long standing dispute between the NNPC and Chevron Nigeria Limited over the Escravos Gasto Liquid Project which had reportedly lingered for decades and hindered the success of revolutionizing Nigeria’s energy sector.

For this singular act, the Federal Government, through the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) honored him with Excellence Award in January 2020, a rare legislative accomplishment in the oil sector.

Indeed, Senator Albert’s achievements in the Senate remain quite enormous. He has kept track with constituents though a very functional Liaison Office in Uyo that connects effectively not only with the nine local government areas of the senatorial district but also deepening his impact to the 94 wards therein.

Apart from floating several life-touching packages that even predate his ascension to the senate, the amiable senator on Friday, April 20, 2018 held an unparalleled constituency briefing and empowerment programme in Uyo Township Stadium and presented several items including cars, transport vehicles, motorcycles, starter packs, various equipment and cash support to aid SMEs, traders, market women, and etcetera. Another legendary feat is his university scholarship programmes which runs up to doctoral levels and has been in operation for about a decade.

Certainly, his achievements cannot be highlighted in a hurry but one thing is assuring, his impact in the society will always stick out as an imposing signpost of inspiration to millions of persons for a very long time, because he has fulfilled conditions necessary for history to be remembered.

He has demonstrated with no mean feat that democracy is a “government of the people, by the people and for the people”. In the past five years of service in the Senate, it’s worth mentioning that he has been a team player, purveyor of morals, trail blazer and legislator per excellence.

It is true that he has touched lives positively, empowered teeming youths to becoming meaningful assets to themselves and the State, created a congenial political atmosphere for businesses to strive as well as restructured the psychological and political consciousness of the people towards encouraging good governance.

On the whole, as the people of Uyo Senatorial District roll out drums to celebrate Senator Bassey Albert Akpan’s five eventful years in the Senate, one cannot be out of place in applauding this legislator per excellence for delivering democratic dividends to his people despite the dwindling economy.

Esther Eberefiak is a public affairs commentator and writes in from Uyo.

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