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Stop Distracting Governance With 2023 Politics, Bassey Inuaeyen Urges Politicians


Amidst the raging discourse and drumbeat for 2023 elections and succession politics barely six months into the life of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s second term administration, an Elder Statesman and Chancellor of Ibom Patriots has advised politicians to cease fire and allow good governance to thrive in the state.

Obong Inuaeyen, who spoke in an exclusive interview with Crystal Express last Saturday, described the current agitations as a highway to ‘hell’ and urged those championing the campaign to allow the governor the serene atmosphere to deliver his Completion Agenda.

According to him, “I believe strongly that any discussion on succession plan at this time is a highway to hell. It is a major distraction to the government of the day. I say so because Governor Udom Emmanuel was re-elected in March 2019, sworn into office in May 2019 and during his second term campaign, he made promises to Akwa Ibom which he wants to fulfil in his second term in office.

“After his swearing-in ceremony in May 2019, the electoral process did not end until December 2019 when the Supreme Court decided the matter. We are aware that the Nigerian electoral system is inclusive of the judiciary. You don’t lay claim on your mandate until the matter is over at the Supreme Court in the case of Governorship and Presidency and Court of Appeal in the case of State and National Assembly elections.

“The recent two major judgments of the Supreme Court in Imo and Bayelsa States can support my position. So if a governor was finally confirmed in December, because between May and December 2019 he was still facing electoral processes and had not really settled down, then one can safely say that the governor has just begun in earnest the second term governance in December 2019”.

Inuaeyen said it is improper for anybody to start beating the drumbeat of succession at this time.
“We must give the governor the opportunity to discharge the mandate that was given to him and exercise that mandate via his Completion Agenda.

“The governor must be allowed to implant his Completion Agenda, redeem his pledges and promises to the people of Akwa Ibom without distraction. Succession discourse is a big distraction to governance because once people start taking positions on whom they will support, especially those in government, every action and decision they will take will be skewed towards the person they are supporting. I am dismissing in its entirety any story about succession plan right now”.

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The Chancellor of Ibom Patriots also described Governor Emmanuel as a great performer whose administration has positively impacted on the lives of the people of the state, stressing that his industrialization drive has turned around the fortunes of the state.

Speaking further on 2023 succession plan, he explained that the governor should be given the honour to play a role in deciding who will succeed him.
In his words, “When the time comes, we have a governor who will give direction. The person who will be succeeded must be in the position to be part of the discourse.

“It is an honour that the governor deserves and must be given to him to choose his successor. Of course he will involve the people in the process and may seek our inputs and advice and I hope I will be one of those to be called and I will also give my candid advice on the matter.

So at this point, I am appealing to all to allow the government to function without distraction”.

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