The Powerlessness Of Power

At the last count, the mighty queen of England, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11, her 71- year- old first son, Prince Charles and the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the man who dragged Great Britain out of Europe got infected by coronavirus disease, an unseen fatal protein cooked in China.


The United States of America, in all its wealth and glory, is thoroughly shaken and damaged economically. Italians have never seen anything like this horror of mass burials in peace time and to add salt to injury, COVID-19 struck first at the Vatican, the seat of the Pope, a mortal reputed to be the “representative of the Lord Jesus Christ on Earth”!
Did the Lord Jesus Christ stop diseases, calm the sea and raise the dead?
Yes, but has anyone presently on Earth risen to such a challenge successfully?
Not to my knowledge!
That is an indication of the powerlessness of power.


The high streets of first world countries including Germany and France have become desolate. The private jets and yatchs of top billionaires are moored and holiday hot spots are empty.


The suites in bespoke hospitality facilities lie without patrons. In one word, the world has been shut down all on account of COVID-19, the pandemic which this columnist chose to call the white death given how it has ravaged and impacted more in geographical areas which hitherto christened and painted every bad thing and occurrence in black colour. In their twisted worldview, the son of God and Saviour of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ is white skinned while Lucifer, nicknamed Satan is ugly and black. Those racists ignore the fact that both were Angels in the same realm before the fall as the Bible clearly informs.


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COVID-19 is therefore a leveller, just like the social media has levelled the height of everyone in the world.


The pandemic has also caused a rude awakening by turning drastically, the focus to sectors which wielders of temporary power unfortunately took for granted. Until now, politicians held power, they carressed and worshipped it, they made people to perceive them as life and death but in the wake of COVID – 19 , every house of parliament, every chamber, red, green or paintless has been deserted. Political mountaintops have become plainland and COVID-19 is having a hearty laugh.


Even those who wear long ecclesiastical caps and luzurious robes have become terribly exposed as mere men and women who lack the power they claimed to possess before now. It would take another edition to make effort at reviewing some lessons but this piece is to highlight the futility of acting “powerful” in any stead because such a stance is futile. Since political power seems to have failed in the wake of this raging pandemic, it is pertinent to urge world authorities and the people to return to the old saying that “health is wealth” and deploy funds to the health sector for a total overhaul and update of infrastructure because methinks COVID-19 is just a toss for start”, a drop and if it rains further, it would pour as a deluge.


Health professionals, from the least in the ranks to experienced consultants should be adequately remunerated, and relevant work tools provided for them because as soldiers at the frontline of wars of this nature, they are vulnerable. Another critical concern is the need for insurance for such important personnel in the society. They are the ones who have the “power” to fight and they have to be energised, all round, to go out there and fight passionately without looking back.


Why does a country like Nigeria care more about the powerless politicians in the society with all manner of allowances when those who have the power to fight even invisible diseases earn peanuts and are treated wretchedly.


For crying out loud, education of the citizenry is also very vital. It takes an educated lot to understand and obey simple instructions meant for one’s wellbeing. On the other hand, poorly educated persons would continue to carry on, thumping their chest saying ” there is nothing there” even when they hear about the death tally, see the line-up of coffins in Italy and the empty streets in better developed countries.


At a time like this, when the powerlessness of the political class and so many other sectors become real, health care and education show up as king. The two sectors with sustainable power in the world.
A word, they say, is enough for the wise.


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