The Temptation Of Pastor X

By Udeme Nana


The very very big politician, seeing that Pastor X  could recite the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation , could sing very well  and gyrate expertly  to Christian  lyrics  with the rhythm of skelewu, sekem, zanku, shakitibobo, gbese or etighi,  pray loudly,  could shout hallelujah and Amen fifty times without holding his breath,  invited him over for dinner in his mansion.
  The invitation alone elicited a special fellowship for ” thanksgiving” to celebrate  the blessing ; the visitation of   “the Lord” –  a lifetime achievement and success. Pastor X did not miss the chance to demand for special seeds from Members so he could get a new pair of shoes and new blazer.  “The servant of God must look his best at the dinner” , he told his congregation,  because , according to his wife’s prophecy revealed the previous night , the servant of God would be  called up to offer  a short devotion and prayer before the dinner.
   On that occassion, the colourful setting itself , the array of important guests , the variety of delicacies and the platform to officiate , though briefly , was proof that God has honoured him and  his Ministry.
  ” Don’t you know that I wine and dine with the high and mighty in my state ” he would state in Church the following Sunday. And the Church would erupt with a tumultuous hallelujah and Amen. I want you to realize that your Pastor now prays for the families of Senators, Ministers , Members of the House of Representatives,  State Party Executives , Commissioners, Special Advisers , Council Chairmen, infact, yesterday when our Member who is a Councillor requested me to come and pray for his sick child , I had to send my Deputy Junior Assistant Pastor. Say Amen to that !
The level of this Church has changed for good. “Is it easy” ? he asked rhetorically.
  After one month , the big politician invited Pastor X again  and told him he felt like taking him on a tour around the capital city  so he could feel his  anointing while  Pastor X observes the impact of how his “policy of empowerment has rubbed off on the  skyline of  the city.
At the gate outside the Politician’s mansion , Pastor X saw a convoy of  several glittering state of the art SUVs. His imagination contrived several scenarios, several prayer points , several prophetic declarations. His heart beat faster .Moments later , Pastor X  was ushered into one of the SUVs and the big politician got in with him and the excursion took them through Shelter Afrique, Osong Ama,   Ewet/Eniong housing extension with the politician pointing to different homes, identifying owners , describing the architectural designs, their history and significance while  explaining that Pastor X  would  move into  any of the prime residential areas someday –  away from his present residence in a flood basin area of the city. After two hours,  they returned to the palatial home of the Politician for a short prayer session which closed with ” holy communion “! Before he was led to his 1997 Corrola 1.8 engine car that evening,
Pastor X was handed a big envelope and when he opened it on getting  home discovered that in addition to the mind boggling sight seeing , he had been  blessed with a handsome amount of fresh wads of American dollars.
     His Ministry made progress ! Small talk by the Members of the Church revolved around how their General Overseer had become the Pastor of the State. ” He is now the official prophet of the state” , they would boast.
  Pastor X now sits in the front row at state functions, he has some slots whenever any Ministry or Department declares vacancies for employment ,  he has a yearly slot for the pilgrimage to Jerusalem,  Rome and Sinai.He has relocated to one of the prime residential estates and has been given a brand new Lexus SUV by the political leader.
   The big politician  told Pastor X  that  he would  soon own a private jet , pre – nursery , nursery , primary , secondary schools and Universities.
The big politician opened the eyes of Pastor X possibilities of going on evangelism  to such neighbouring countries like Cameroun , Equatorial Guineau, Gabon , Kenya , South Africa , Europe , Asia and America .
 This  “breakthrough” inspired a change in the motto of Pastor X’s  Church to ” My level has changed ; your level shall soon change ” That was produced as stickers for cars and doorposts of Members ! The big political warlord has donated a fleet of vehicles to his new  prophet and Pastor X now cruises in a tinted SUV , with some back up vehicles and police escorts who blow the siren while on the way to the church even at late evenings  for “tarry night” fellowship.
Pastor X transcends  into cloud nine whenever a top government official or officials  attend his church. Such become ” emergency” elders  as they would be chaperoned to seats reserved for that category of Members. Having such high net worth members of the society attend Pastor X’s Church is an indication that the Ministry has ” gone places” and has become a huge ” success”.
    The political gladiator has paid for airtime on radio stations and Television to boost the Media outreach of Pastor X and the “man of God” is carressing fame.
 However, there is a caveat or to use  the  phrase trending in the United States of America ” quid pro quo”  where Pastor X is not expected to act like prophet Nathan in his encounter with  adulterous and murderous King David.  “All I care about  is for you to endorse all my actions, policies and programmes” the political leader demanded of Pastor X at a recent lunch date.
   The temptation of Pastor X  reminds one of the philosophy of St Augustine of Hippo ( 354 -430 ) as laid out in his epic book ” The City of God” where he argued that the pursuit of materialism drags down spiritual growth.
  Would Pastor X and his ilks –  modern – day sons and daughters of the Most High not have disclaimed their status faced with a role reversal with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Author and finisher of their faith when “Satan” squared up with him ?
  The temptation of Pastor X is both the dilemma and quagmire of most “men and women of God” in the 21st century.

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