Trump’s Tumultuous Trajectory


About two weeks ago, the Senate of the United States of America finally cleared the fog on the political pathway of President Donald Trump.

In a much anticipated vote after presentations by Democratic Party impeachment Managers and defense by both Trump’s Lawyers and Republican Senators, the Senate voted 52 – 48 to acquit President Trump on the charge of abuse of power; and on the second charge of “obstruction of congress”, the Senate voted 53 – 47. Only one Republican Senator, Mitt Romney of Utah, broke ranks with his Party to vote against the President on the second impeachment charge. The two articles of impeachment had been approved by the Congress on the 18th of December, last year.

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That political challenge, ably led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was one storm which did not amuse a usually confident Donald Trump in his political journey. What a coincidence that the biggest contests of his life have pitched him against two very powerful women politicians, having fought a very bitter campaign for the Presidency against Hillary Clinton and winning in November 2016. Speaker Nancy Pelosi was yet another storm that beclouded Mr Trump’s political horizon but he has weathered it, thanks to changing political values in America.

Indeed, almost all through his first term in office since his controversial election as the 45th President of the United States of America, the world’s most powerful politician, Donald Trump has been embroiled in fights at home and at the world stage for good and for bad reasons.

Soon after he won the keenly contested presidential elections almost four years ago, the Deputy Attorney – General, Rod Rosenstein appointed a Special Counsel, Robert Mueller to investigate alleged Russian interference through liaison between key officials of the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

That mandate was for the Special Counsel to “expand an existing Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) counter intelligence investigation into possible Russian influence on the 2016 Presidential elections which Trump triumphed.

The Trump White House has been a controversial place as the President has stamped his personality and idiosyncrasies on the exalted office. He has not shown fear or had second thoughts about exercising his authority, axing any official who has coughed or glanced at a timepiece when Trump did not think it was the appropriate thing to do at the time.

So far, more than 20 high profile staffers have been sacked without much ceremony while almost 45 have “resigned” within the period. With Donald Trump, no one can be sure. He could just tweet the dismissal of a top aide even while seeping tea with the Aide. No niceties. No lobby. No pressure from any quarters at all. In his characteristic voice “you are fired”, “you are fired”, “you are fired” just like a scene from seasons in” The Apprentice” Reality Television show – an American documentary reality programme which Trump starred for more than a decade.

Unlike some Presidents and other leaders in equally presidential democracies, Donald Trump has taken charge and remoulded the White House in his erratic, business – like and deal-making personality. He has never dithered in taking small or big decisions .

Where a President Buhari of Nigeria would feign ignorance about the causes of insecurity and general tumult, act tamely, make excuses and carry on as if nothing serious was unravelling, Donald Trump would have none of such, he would rise to the occassion and show up for Americans even if so biased in favour of white Americans. He has done that in North Korea, China and in Iran where, against every diplomatic norm, he ordered the annihilation of the Iranian General, Qasem Soleimani, in a well executed blitzkrieg. In that singular action, he sent the entire Iran into mourning, its military dazed and confused to the point of shooting down a passenger plane belonging to another country.

Trump’s tumultuous trajectory reveals that he should not be given a clean bill of health on emotional stability. Here is a man who started out as a Republican in 1987 but in 1999, he became an Independent. The following year, he registered as a Member of the Reform Party and only 12 months later, he made a switch to the Democratic Party. In 2009, he decamped to the Republican Party, left in 2011 to become yet an Independent again only to return to the Republican Party in 2012!

His marital life has been as unstable and stormy as his politics. He married his first wife, Ivana, in 1977 but was divorced in 1992. He married Marla Marples, his second wife in 1993 and was divorced in 1997. However, since 2005, he has been married to Melania, the current First Lady.

Trump has come under turbulence in his business dealings which a lot of analysts believe are opaque but he has shrugged all that off, taking everything in his strides. His second nature is cutting deals. Again, in his words “I never lose”! Despite intense scrutiny and questions on the cloud around his tax returns , Donald Trump has held to his stance so far, refusing to come clean with his tax returns over the years and in the process, seems to have gotten away with blue murder considering that taxation is central to politics in America.

In just four years, Trumpism has redefined American politics. Long held values have been thrown overboard and a bolder line drawn between white America and black. The flame throwers in the 45th President’s corner believe that Trump’s era has been a momentous trajectory which has repositioned America more effectively as the world’s greatest power.

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