Environmental Sanitation Days Are A Joke


Every last Saturday of the month is set aside as environmental sanitation day in Akwa Ibom and maybe other parts of Nigeria. But there is hardly anything to show for it.

In case you disagree, just take a walk down your street and peep into the side gutters to see how filthy and blocked they remain.

One then wonders what Akwa Ibom people, nay, Nigerians pretend to do on sanitation days.

Nearly all the gutters in Uyo are blocked with sand and garbage, yet we all seem comfortable with that.
What then is the need for the sanitation days when movement of people is restricted?

I think we have come to a point where sanitary inspectors have to be reintroduced to go round to inspect the environment and penalise those whose environment is untidy

Government should now have to apply a bit of force to get everyone doing the right thing or else the environmental sanitation days will only remain a huge joke.

Isang Ukpong

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