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A new year begins in the exact manner which the curtains draw close on a receding year; with prayers of thanksgiving and supplications for a successful cross over, a better year and new decade.

And then the work of those who look to “see” what is in the fat womb of the year takes center stage usually after “forty” or “twenty – one” days of fasting which could be “dry” or wet depending on one’s physical and spiritual strength.

We are in that time of the year where prophetic declarations take prominence and in these parts , the job specification of astrologers- star gazers – , palm readers , horoscope writers have been effectively taken over by ” men of God” – prophets , Priests , General Overseers , Bishops and Church Prelates. Those in one room “prayer houses” mostly patronized by men and women in power who steal into those places at unholy hours for “spiritual coverage” are not left out of this seemingly lucrative business, after all, it is understood that the bigger the size of the amount in tithes, the better the personal prophecies bought.

The French drug dispenser, Nostradamus took over the science from the ancients and popularized it by his prophecies. His book has become much sought after at the beginning of the year , particularly, if the year has a special number like 2020 or began with airstrikes ordered against alleged masterminds of terrorist attacks from Iran and other countries from the Muslim East by a twitter – loving and unpredictable President of the most powerful country on Earth.

In Nigeria, Pastor Temitope Joshua of Synagogue Church of All Nations and Prophet Ayodele of INRI, Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith and Pastor Enoch Adeboye of Redeemed Christian Church of God, now veterans , have reeled out prophetic warnings early enough and one is sure that those whom they clearly identified as needing special prayers to “overcome ancestral curses” and other negative things seen about them have queued up for counseling and necessary prayers.

One is yet to read the prophecies of the popular Akwa Ibom born Lagos based Pastor,EkongItuen.

In the South East, Rev. Father Mbaka of Adoration Ministries spoke about Imo state declaring that “Hope” cometh!

In Ghana, two young prophets, Isaac Owusu of Glorious Word Power International and Nigel Gaise of the Prophetic Hill Chapel are fighting over copyright ownership of certain prophetic declarations – one accusing the other of stealing his prophetic property. Indeed, it is a case of plagiarizing spiritual property just as one could steal intellectual resources.

This writer has several prophetic predictions for the general public and it is important for Nigerians to take note.

God is with Akwa Abasi Ibom State and shall remain so the people continue to live in peace without the fear of marauding kidnappers while public servants would still look forward to salaries as at when due.Before July this year, the Governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel will approve the payment of the national minimum wage to public servants in the state .An arrears would be paid too.

The Federal government will not reconstruct Calabar – Itu highway but the Uyo – Ikot Ekpene road would be completed in 2020 by the State government.

Nigeria would still turn over millions of graduates from tertiary Institutions most of whom would not know the titles of their final year courses or the names of those who taught them. Indeed, they would still be poured out into the expanding jobless market like waste on the streets which nobody is interested to pack or bin.

Road users would still be at the mercy of gun totting policemen on the highways who harass and extort money from taxis, buses, Lorries, trailers and private vehicle drivers for no reason at all. Some would be shot for arguing with these policemen about such uncivilized bad behavior on the roads. Toll gates won’t be built but the payment of toll to policemen would still be real life experiences on the roads, highways and streets. These men would still look for lonely street corners to share their dividends in the evenings before they retire to drinking joints to spend the cash.

Men of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), ever envious of Policemen would increase their audacity in collecting cash payments from road traffic offenders into their pockets. Keke drivers or riders would still continue to assert themselves as the new princes of the streets and woe betide any driver of a new car who tries to compete with these care – free horde as scratches on such cars would become their lot.

There would be incidences of home accidents – small fire outbreaks; however, the antidote here is not in shouts of the name of any external savior but in getting and using a fire extinguisher to the rescue. However, homes won’t bother about this safety device while home owners won’t learn how to uncork and put it to use as an emergency step.

More teenage children would join the Marliangang; continue to see dish washing and cooking as too stressful preferring to sleep or watch Zee World channel on direct satellite television (DSTV.)

Still at the home front and hotels – accidents would occur in swimming pools – an unexpected fall and in kitchens with pepper or onions missing direction into the eyes of some women and those few men who help out in such domestic chores.

The prediction concerning bathroom accidents should be taken more seriously as so many people who treat their bathrooms shabbily would slip in slippery bath tubs; dislocating an arm or break their spine. Spending a little time to scrub one’s ceramic bathtub after every visit would be more efficacious than muttering incantations and supplications. There are things individuals can do while those they cannot do should be left to powers unseen led by the Almighty God.

Street traders, those who turn road junctions into markets should become more circumspect in 2020 owing to the menace of fuel tankers, trucks , lorries and trailers because , on any unsuspecting day, a break failure , an attempt to evade a pothole, avoid a dare – devil keke or a careless bus driver would create a very ugly carnage at such locations.Motor vehicles would still break down and mechanics and spare parts dealers would have a field day.

Nigerians would still grapple with inconsistent power supply. Gas, phone explosions and staircase accidents would occur.

A mistimed attempt to cross a road or street, claims over right of way by all manner of drivers on the road would result in accidents, electrocution of PHCN cable vandals, pipe – line accidents and building collapse would be stories of happenings around the country this year.

In 2020, married men would impregnate their wives; divorces will happen, new and old expectant families would be filled with joy as they would welcome new babies to their homes while several families would grapple with sadness over the loss of loved ones – children, youths, old men and women to death.

Our health centers would still be under staffed, underfunded and with no drugs. The Primary and tertiary health facilities would still remain mere “consulting clinics” and many avoidable deaths would occur from wrong laboratory results , wrong diagnoses, late diagnoses , drug overdose and outright negligence or dereliction of duty by medical personnel.People will die. Burials of various proportions – high or low – key would hold all over the place.Some bereaved families would still embalm their dead ones for months or years pending when they complete building brand new houses that couldn’t be built before making plans for burial.

As the year grows older, drivers, motor mechanics and dealers in motor vehicle spare parts would still work hand in gloves to rip off trusting bosses and customers, fuel attendants would still adjust meters at gas stations.

New Churches, Divine and undivine Ministries and Fellowships would spring up as disgruntled Pastors, Evangelists leave to answer their own “call from God.This would certainly increase the number of General Overseers , Apostles , Bishops and Prelates with bragging rights to dine and wine at Government banquets with the privilegeof a bigger “prophet’s envelope.Nevertheless, some envelopes would still be bigger than others.An assessment based on age and years of service will form the basis of the new weight attached to such sweetheart honorarium in the household of faith.

Several babes would be heartbroken and several men too as the movement towards fresher ones with firmer boobs from the production line appear on the scene,after all, the Ghanaian novelist, AyiKweiArmah, predicted a long time ago that “the beautiful ones are not yet born”.

The sun will still rise from the East and set in the West yielding to nightime daily. People would still succumb to the call of nature whenever and weeks would give way to months and before our eyes , the year would cascade to an end.

Stock – taking would again become the past time and finally, the ritual of annual conventions would set the stage for transition into yet another year.

These predictions are real.One recommends prayers and a bit more carefulness.Don’t come to this writer for prayers.

Pray on your own. Just take a little more care.

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