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Peace Must Anchor On Justice and Equity

By Senator Bassey Albert (OBA)

On behalf of the good people and the peace-loving people of Ibiono Ibom, I welcome you all. I am very happy to be here. Anything about Governor Udom Emmanuel, I have to identify.

But let me say here – do not announce me as adviser. If I am not in the inner circle, do not announce me as adviser. There is no one that likes the Governor (Udom Emmanuel) as much as I do.

In 2014, I came out to run for the governorship of this state. But it was reasoned that for the sake of justice, equity and for the sake of peace, I should step down. And I stepped down for justice, equity and peace to reign.

By the special grace of God in 2018, I was the only PDP Senator serving in this state. I was the only PDP Senator standing in this state and I stood for justice, I stood for equity and I stood for peace because I insisted that the Governor (Udom Emmanuel) must do his second term. And to God be the glory, we all collectively worked together and God delivered us. Not that we were too popular, but just that it was the intervention of God in the affairs of Akwa Ibom to show man that He is God, all by himself.

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I stand here to be quoted and God bear me witness that before President (Goodluck) Jonathan, I was asked to step down in 2014; that was when the Party (at the national) issued a statement recognizing zoning in Akwa Ibom. Barr Emmanuel Enoidem is aware. Hammer (Enobong Uwah) is aware. I am happy that the Governor has not spoken yet.

And we all know that if you all talk about peace without justice and equity you’re not fair. I’m also very happy that the Governor has not spoken yet; he’s still praying. Please my brothers and sisters, I want to say that as leaders, we cannot keep our mouth closed. I think we are all men of integrity. You know that there are three federal constituencies in Uyo senatorial district and our brothers in the other two federal constituencies have had a taste of leadership and service of Akwa Ibom in the Office of the Governor.

I’m not speaking for myself but on behalf of the peace-loving people of Itu/Ibiono Ibom Federal Constituency. As we propagate this gospel of peace; maintaining and not only maintaining but sustaining it beyond the governorship of Akwa Ibom State, we should know that it can only be anchored on the tripod of peace, justice and equity.

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This is the sentiment of every single person in this government from this federal constituency but who may not have the boldness to say it. I am speaking the mind of Ini Ememobong, I am speaking the mind of Akan Okon, I am speaking the mind of the chairman of Itu, I am speaking the mind of Dr. Henry Archibong, and I am speaking the mind of Dr. (Iniobong) Essien that it is the turn of Itu/Ibiono Ibom to produce the next governor in 2023.

We are only appealing. Please collectively, we can all sit down together and see how we can achieve sustainable peace that is anchored on justice and equity. This was the message Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem preached to me in 2014. This was the message Monty (Mr Monday Ebong Uko) preached to me in 2014. This was the message Senator Akon Eyakenyi spoke to me in 2014. Have we lost our voices?

We are all brothers and my sisters. We should bury this sentiment of blackmailing and conspiracy for the sake of peace.

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The Governor is a man of God! So as advisers to the governor as we all are. I have a direct link with the governor, I speak with him. We must know that a time will come that we will be required to give account of our stewardship.

I share in the sentiments of this group, the MPM (Maintain Peace Movement). This is why I am here. I am happy that we all know that we are all praying to that same God and He will give justice because He is a God of justice. He will give justice to the people of Itu/Ibiono Ibom Federal Constituency.

– Being excerpts of the Remarks made by Senator Bassey Albert Akpan at the Inauguration of Maintain Peace Movement (MPM) in Ibiono Ibom LGA on Thursday, August 26, 2021

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