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PPDF Ends Environmental Project in Ibeno, Hands over Project to Communities

By Imo Etim


The oil and gas producing communities of Okoroutip, Iwokpom and Opolom in Ibeno local government area have been tasked to sustain the Climate Justice and Sustainable Environment project brought to their domain by Peace Point Development Foundation (PPDF).





Peace Point Development Foundation is a nongovernmental organisation working to address needs of vulnerable communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and has been working on Climate Justice and Sustainable Environment project in Ibeno since December 2021.




At a close-out and handing over meeting held on Saturday, November 5, 2021 in Okoroutip, Ibeno, the Coordinator of PPDF, Mr. Umo Isua-ikoh charged the community to sustain the project even after PPDF Ends the project.




The Coordinator noted ” After working with you for about a year now, we are glad that we have executed all the activities we highlighted. As a strategy to keep this project alive even after the end of the project, we established environmental clubs in each of the community and secondary schools.




” This was done so that you can continue to drive the project. We call on you all not to allow the project to die off. Initiate environmental programmes and we will always be ready to give technical support where necessary.”




Program Officer of PPDF, Okoho Ene said the activities implemented in the project included; advocacy to leaders of the communities, advocacy to school authorities, community mobilization/town hall, establishment of environmental clubs in the community, establishment of environmental clubs in schools, and training community environmental clubs.




The Program Officer pointed out that PPDF had implemented a 3-Day training on sustainable environmental protection education, climate change mitigation, construction of fuel wood efficient stove and conflict management and media engagement: radio discussion and jingles.



She recalled that there has been a 1-day training of media/Civil Society Organisations on reporting on environmental protection and climate change, coupled with convergence of State level multi-stakeholder platform meeting, and quiz competition and award.




Ene said that PPDF has also designed and printed IECs materials; posters, stickers, T-shirts and newsletters which is the Community Voice shared to the communities.




In response, the Village President of Okoroutip, Chief Thomas Atanwa, thanked PPDF for berthing an impactful project in their domain.




He said the project has assisted his community to be more environmentally alert, improve on peace building and offer them insight on relevant environmental laws that they can use to engage relevant environmental stakeholders.




Chief Atanwa ” We have never had it this good until PPDF came to our land. The enlightenment is top-notch. The training we got is very clear and we have started putting the technologies that promote a sustainable environment to use. We ask God to bless you all.”




On the part of the woman Leader of Okoroutip, Mary Williams, the Peacebuilding training by PPDF has helped in strengthening peace among various benefiting communities.




She added ” It is our wish that the Peace Point Development Foundation continue the project. But since the project has ended, we are sure to continue from where they stopped particularly by working through the environmental clubs established here”.




Also speaking, the Youth Secretary of Opolom, Ibanga Daniel, said his community is most grateful over the fuel wood efficient stove technology transferred to them by PPDF.




He said the technology has helped reduce the way trees are cut down in the community.


Women of the communities rendering songs to PPDF

Meanwhile, the communities rendered songs in appreciation of the organisation.



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