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YPP – A Magnetic Force Of Fresh Dimensions

By Destiny Akaiso

“YPP was founded as a vehicle for social democratic movement; to bring fresh perspectives to Nigeria’s contemporary leadership. It is driven by the passion to improve the welfare of the citizenry, fight for social justice and provide equal opportunities for all citizens of Nigeria. The motto is Service to the people. It was founded on June 7, 2017” – YPP’s official source.

“We are committed to making sure every Akwa Ibom person has a place in the social, economic and political discourse of the State. We have developed and will follow to a logical end, a holistic road map that will encourage the utilization of local solutions in solving local problems” – Senator Bassey Albert, AKS YPP governorship flag-bearer for 2023.

It is obvious. Very obvious. Everywhere you go now – offices, markets, play squares, on streets and farms, and across the Diasporan space – all you hear is the loud and clear liberation gospel, with an unmistakable refrain that offers hope and fresh perspectives on our collective existence. “Eureka!” is the chorused shouts in town.

YPP fresh dimensionIn sparkling prognosis of its grand promises, YPP in Akwa Ibom State is the only party today that has authentic and realistic messages to pass on to the masses, rapidly regaining trust and belief in workable governance, thus becoming an ever-expanding magnetic field to those who truly desire to see and experience what democracy was supposed to mean in empirical terms.

It is safe to conclude that the contagious belief sweeping across the stratosphere, like dew on waning petals at dawn, must be leading the march to the real Promised Land that since the creation of Akwa Ibom State has only been a slogan on tongues and billboards.

With fresh perspectives and electrifying optimism, nobody seems to remember how young the party is in the country or has been in Akwa Ibom State. The instant impact and the message it carries and its unassailable ability to rock foundations and set new pillars signpost its populist ideologies.

And at the epicentre, is a man of the people the masses already have signed a Social Contract with. That is essential because of who he has proven to be with public trust and the offices he has held in advancing the cause of the Greater Akwa Ibom Project. We are talking about Obong Bassey Albert (OBA).

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The all-embracing acceptance and sweeping effects of the YPP to all nooks and crevices of the State with its relative newness in town must be a manifest pointer to the fact that past and serving administrations have had enough time and opportunities to have experimented with their models.

So there is nothing new they have to tell or offer that the people have not heard before with rueful memories of colossal disappointment. The people are tired of old ideas and leadership that have not met their needs to the logical point of satisfaction.

They want something fresh. They want something holistic. They want inclusiveness, where dividends of democracy will be evenly shared by a leader they will freely choose and bear responsibility; not someone foisted upon them by political contractors seeking to build dynasties on the sweat of the masses.

Interestingly, for more than a decade now, I keenly have observed that OBA, the Commander-in-Chief of grassroots politics and common interests, does not step onto any platform or scene with the need to introduce himself or be introduced with prosaic speeches; except for the formality of protocol.

Nor would anybody conversant with Nigeria’s history of public service and representation at the highest level of legislation bother to ask –Who is this charismatic fine gentleman? His tall antecedents across the landscape, groups, organizations and individual minds eloquently speak for him.

OBA, like YPP, epitomizes freshness, youthfulness and value, capacity, competence, integrity, innovativeness, service delivery, benevolence, altruism, and foreseeable better times we are all yearning for, with 2023 promising to be a watershed in history.


With Senator Bassey Albert Akpan carrying the flag and brandishing the fresh leaves of renaissance, YPP is chasing opposing parties out of their comfort zones, lighting up everywhere with songs of freedom, and leaving the masses with no options than joining the unstoppable exodus.

Indeed, recent events further prove that OBA’s mission to become the governor of Akwa Ibom State in 2023 is not at the mercy of any human judge. It is not in the callous hands of godfathers. It is the project of a people who have waited longingly and patiently for this moment.

Safe in the hands of Providence, driven by the goodwill of the people, the electorate, and the owners of democracy, OBA enjoys unwavering solidarity and selfless support.

The National leader of YPP, Comrade Emmanuel Amakiri, harped on this in his epigrammatic message: “No godfatherism in YPP. The people choose. They decide”.

Memorably, OBA never lost a political adventure, except for the one I cannot remember. When he steps into a race, bracing the tape is always his target, despite hurdles and craters along the course way.

He is a man of iron will and purpose. Despite his torturous journey from childhood, OBA has never been known as a coward, a pushover, a lotus eater, or a man who toys with his dreams and entrusted opportunities.

This is why people follow him on a cause with genuine support and infectious optimism like the Akwa Ibom people are doing now with the YPP!

This, indeed, is the moment, spearheaded by a dependable and charismatic captain!

A former Commissioner for Works and Chief of Staff to the governor, Akparawa Ephraim Inyang-eyen, calls it “a new beginning for Akwa Ibom people”

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